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The  Demon Empire is falling. The emperor directs a trusted member of his army to take the last seed ship, the Seed of Agony, and explore a virgin galaxy, and to colonize and conquer anyone who gets in their way.

The Seed of Agony is a living ship, a form of Demon that can survive in space and grow new demons in her Spawn Bay. The player takes on the role of the ship itself, and over time builds up an army of expendable demons that are sent to parts of planets that are causing the Seed terrible pain, in order to alleviate it and allow the Seed to grow a new kind of demon, a Colony Seed, which the player uses to build up cities all over the galaxy.

Seed of Agony is part survival game, part roguelite, part platformer, part RPG, and part simulation game. Players control individual demons, exploring planets from a sidescrolling perspective. In addition to their primary mission, the player's secondary objective is to find materials to fill up the Seed's stores of Biomass, breathable Atmosphere, Catalysts etc. in order to survive the brutalities of space and grow new demons and living weapons. Their deaths are permanent, so player's must continually explore in order to stay alive, and gain a foothold in the galaxy. Once a planet is conquered, player's can build cities building by building, in a familiar way to other city building games, in addition to getting to experience them on a granular level, exploring them from a demon's eye view.

SoA uses genres as layers of a single game, adding tremendous depth by affording players many different ways to interact with its world, and many different kinds of markers for progress. We at A.I. are inspired by the early days of gaming, but we do not hold any concept or genre as sacrosanct tradition. Instead, we are using the successes of those ideas to build something new that will stay fresh and playable for years and years. 

retro platforming and galactic colonization

Xplore, Xploit, Xterminate, and Xpand your Demon empire

Early Alpha Gameplay