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The AI Mission


Autonomic Interactive is a video game lab dedicated to creating great games with great stories and helping to usher in the next paradigms that will define future generations of gaming. But all great journeys begin with a single step. Our first step, Radical Spectrum Volume 1, debuted on Steam, iOS, and Android in the summer of 2016. Our second, Volume 2 of the series, was released in the summer of 2017. We are now hard at work on Volume 3 as well as several other games.

Starting from nothing gave us the idea to cut our teeth by looking to our progenitors for influence. The Radical Spectrum series is inspired by the history of gaming itself. Each one represents an era of gaming, taking great concepts and building on them with a unique color-matching mechanic and a developing saga. Volume 1 took some cues from Space Invaders. Volume 2 moves forward to more descriptive arcade games like Donkey Kong. For Volume 3, we are looking at the late NES era/early SNES. We are paying homage to these developers while attempting to learn the same lessons they did while delivering something that feels classic and familiar yet fresh and modern.

As we continue this trend, we will pass by modern gaming in just a few years and have to create new paradigms, which we are entirely prepared for. When we have acquired the resources and the knowledge our path will grant us, we are poised to bring audiences something they've never experienced before. Storytelling in games is still in its infancy, and we are here to help it grow up and explore what it means to be an interactive experience.

Autonomic Interactive isn't just a developer, it's a mission. A mission to blow open the doors on this whole video game thing, and maybe even help define the future.

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