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Galactic Survival meets ARPG Platforming.
eXplore, eXploit, eXterminate, and eXpand the Demon Empire.

Seed of Agony is a multi-genre, open-story game about demons exploring and colonizing an undiscovered galaxy. When the demon empire falls, a demon representative is magicked away to another galaxy aboard a living Seed Ship, the eponymous Seed of Agony. Their goal is to build a new empire, one worthy of the previous empire's leader, who has locked himself away for his representative to do the dirty work. The player drifts from solar system to solar system, colonizing and building up this army of demons.

Unlike most space colonization sims, the game largely takes place from a sidescrolling perspective, as the player swaps between individual demons to perform tasks. Demons can be dropped onto procedurally generated planets, broken up into stages, with individual objectives. These stages play out like a familiar platformer/action RPG. Demons who die on a planet are dead for good, and new ones must be grown by the Seed of Agony to replace them. The survival elements require the player to continually shore up resources to grow demons, and even weapons. 

As the player conquers planets, they can colonize. Colonies take the form of an isometric city building game in which the player balances resources versus population to create a sustainable colony, With monstrous buildings connected by vein-like tunnels torn into the surface of the planet.

In between systems, the player may drift for some time, during which they can expand the ship, perform maintenance and research, as well as encounter random scenarios that change and evolve the longer the player plays. These encounters can take the form of turn-based space battles where the Seed of Agony directly fights space monsters, or the exploration of an asteroid belt as a flying demon, to hallucinogenic experiences of the galaxy's pantheon of gods, who are observing you as your tear through their home, and are unamused.

Seed of Agony is endless, featuring layers of unique procedural generation algorithms that mean the game can stay fresh for 1000 hours or more, continuing to deliver new things on a regular basis. The player can even write their own story by inscribing their deeds in a living tome using a mad-libs like interface. This scripture can then be delivered to less evolved species on planets, turning the player's story into a kind of weapon of manipulation.

These layers and more comprise Seed of Agony, delivering a truly immersive experience. Conquer your enemies, and plant the Seed of a new empire in the flames...


Timelapse of Colonization Gameplay

Space Battle

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