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FPS survivor arena shooter with quattordectal gun wielding. Survive for 30 minutes against hundreds of enemies and collect up to 14 powerful guns. Die, upgrade, repeat.

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Eye uv Eve is (maybe) the world's first First Person bullet heaven shooter, and almost definitely the first game featuring quattordectal gun wielding. Descend into the arena and survive for 30 minutes against massive waves of enemies. Make it long enough and you can collect up to 14 stacking weapons. Fill the screen with bullets and magic to defend yourself. Level up and improve yourself and your weapons. Fulfill achievements to unlock new characters, weapons, and more.

The Eye is always watching. What it wants is a mystery...

What is quattordectal-wielding? It's a semi-made-up word because there doesn't appear to be a real phrase that's like "dual-wielding" but for 14 guns. Eye uv Eve harkens back to the arena shooters of old, filtered through modern survivor/bullet-heaven games, with the twist of being able to wield 14 guns at once. Imagine Vampire Survivors and Doom had a baby and took real good care of it until the nightmares came. Each gun has a unique mechanic and can be leveled up over the course of a 30 minute run and evolved to fire more bullets, faster, and weirder. You'll face off against an endless horde of Angels and Demons as you fly and sprint around the arena looking for the next gun. Collect the hearts of your enemies to unlock permanent upgrades and items to equip to come back faster and stronger in the next run.

At the moment, Eye uv Eve is using the Early Access system to deliver its madness to you right now, because it's already fun as heaven and you deserve to play it now. There's currently 14 characters, 14 guns, 2 stages, and several permanent upgrades to acquire, not to mention a few dozen achievements. The rest of development is just making more of all of that, so why not let people play what there is already? Plus this way we get to listen to the community and try to make the game more awesome for them.

Extended Gameplay

Announcement Trailer

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