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Radical Spectrum Volume 3 continues the story of Doc DuBrane, who has been dropped into the desert known as the Radioactive Wastes. To get back to the city, Doc will have to navigate the desert, and solve a mystery that keeps the denizens of the desert diseased and disenfranchised.

While the story continues and the characters remain the same, the gameplay departs drastically from the first two volumes. In V.3, Doc will explore an open world, solving environmental puzzles with the help of a few friends.

Just like the first two games, color plays a large role. The major mechanic of the game is Doc's ability to absorb different colors of radiation, and fire them back out with different results in order to solve puzzles. Most revolve around gaining access to the proper color that will flip a switch of the corresponding color, opening a door or completing an objective. 

To solve these puzzles, Doc will have to utilize the abilities of four friends that can be summoned to the scene and controlled independently. Each character has their own abilities, like Chad the mutant frog's ability to stick his tongue to a wall which Doc can jump off of. The player will use these abilities in tandem, setting up Rube Goldberg-esque solutions to puzzles.

The lands Doc will traverse underwent a serious apocalypse in the not-too-distant past. Actually, several apocalyses. A city was built around a particle accelerator, a city dedicated to science and the advancement of mankind. But some things went wrong, and no one's totally sure what they were or what caused what. The answers to those questions are baked into the game's design, and the puzzles the player will solve. They'll actively engage with the environment, moving large parts of the world around to solve a series of nested puzzles in each area. As they do, they will reveal more and more about what happened here. But it will be up to the player to observe and draw their own conclusions.

RSV3 is an open-story game. Once the player has all the characters, which can be done early on, they have access to the entire game world, limited only by their own ability to solve puzzles. The path the player takes, and the choices they make can not only affect how the game's story progresses, but also the player's goals and the requirements for beating the game.

Alpha Walkthrough

watch Creative Director Matt Cohen play through the opening level from the alpha


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