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Covid Days, Covid Nights is a game about the realities of living through a pandemic. The player takes the role of a couple, Dirk and Emmeline, who have hightailed it to Dirk's parents' house out in the middle of the woods. It's a survival game where the player must not only acquire food and other necessities, but also avoid getting Covid-19 and maintain the relationship between Dirk and Emmeline. 

The player will have to send their couple out on errands, for instance going to the store to get groceries. What was once a simple task is now a stealth maze, where every customer could be a disease vector. The player will have to predict the movements of customers and chart their path through the store to gather the food on their list.

When they're not out running errands, the player has to deal with the changes in a relationship that forces two people to live together and spend every waking moment together. A tension meter governs the state of their home life. Building puzzles, going for walks, and binge-watching CineMall shows all lower the tension, but it's all about balance. 

The game plays out over several seasons and landmarks of knowledge about the virus. Mask mandates and essential work, unemployment and other modern snags crop up and change what the player does for periods of time. Ultimately, it's about Dirk and Emmeline, surviving together, navigating the most challenging of all challenges: modern relationships.


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