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Radical Spectrum Volume 2 to be released on July 26th! Win the game and win money!

Well, Earthlings, the time is nigh: Radical Spectrum V 2 has been cleared through Steam's new Direct process and will be releasing this coming Wednesday! After a year of development I am terribly excited to be bringing you this new twist on some old classic ideas. RSV2 is a quick and dangerous arcade game with logarithmically scaling difficulty, meant to be instantly satisfying to play and great for short or extended play sessions. It's nothing more than a solid platformer that never stops demanding your input.

I'm also pleased to announce a little competition for the game's release. Technically RSV2 is beatable! And I, for one, can't wait to see it happen. It's going to take some serious skill to get to the very end, so to encourage that I am giving away a cash prize to the first people that are able to beat it. Read more about it on our contest page.

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