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Developer Update: Covid Days, Covid Nights

Hey, readers. The last couple weeks I've been working on a new side project, just for fun. Yes, it's about covid. It's a stealth game about going to the grocery store. I had the idea the first time I went shopping after the pandemic started. I was at my parents' house which is kinda in the middle of nowhere, and at the time we had no way to get food delivered.

I remember being in the produce section and thinking about how I had to watch everyone around me, predict their routes through the maze-like vegetable stalls, and pick my own route that had the highest likelihood of keeping me out of range of everyone. It felt like Metal Gear, but everyone could see everyone else. The stakes were high. The steaks were being blocked by an elderly woman less than 6 feet from the meat case.

Development has gone nice and quick, and I'll have a proof of concept demo ready some time this week. I still can't decide if it's in poor taste, but with any luck people will respond to it on the social media and I'm sure they'll kindly let me know.

Talk soon, kiddo



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